Evan is a classically trained cellist from North Carolina. After finishing his studies at The Juilliard School in New York City, he co-founded The Place, a recording studio in the West Village. Fifteen years later he moved his operation back to Winston-Salem, NC, where Ovation Sound was born. Drawing on years of experience as a composer and producer in NYC, his focus today is on creating music in advertising. His virtuosity as a cellist spills over into the music he creates, and he loves the challenge of composing emotional works that convey complete journeys in fifteen, thirty or sixty-second formats. Evan’s national credits include audio production work on the film “Friends with Money” starring Jennifer Aniston, and “Ode to the New Ford”, a TV commercial released by Ford, UK. Evan is one of Ovation Sound’s staff composers, and he continues to produce artists in the classical and pop music industry. His down time is his up time, spending it with his two beautiful children, Carter and Rosalie.