Microphone Pre-Amps


The LaChapell 992 Tube Mic Pre. One of the most flexible and robust vacuum tube preamplifiers on the market.


The Focusrite OctoPre MKII is exactly what you would expect from Focusrite. 8 super clean channels of microphone preamplification and compression.

avalon-ad-2022The Avalon AD2022 Class A Dual Mono Preamplifier. Discreet, symmetrical and pure!


The Universal Audio 6176 is a beautiful combination of the classic 610 microphone preamp and 1176LN compressor.

The Shadow Hills Equinox is like a complete small-format recording console in just 2 rack spaces. It features 2 GAMA mic preamps, 30 channels of analog summing, and a mastering-grade monitor controller.

Pre-73 MKII

The GA Pre-73 MKII is similar to the preamp section in the classical 1073 module with a corresponding sound character that is warm, punchy, sweet and musical.


The Aphex 207D is extremely low noise and high gain making it a great preamp for both vintage and modern instruments.

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